Welcome to our website which should be of interest to anyone interested in flying radio control model aeroplanes or helicopters, especially in the Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire Areas of the UK.


Our club has a membership with an age range of 11 to 70+, drawn from a radius of about 20 miles around Buxton in Derbyshire. The sport is an all-the-year-round activity involving the building and flying of model aircraft, which are controlled by radio and flown in the same way as their full size equivalents. We build and fly powered fixed wing model aeroplanes, powered helicopters, gliders (either electric powered or towed) and more recently, drones, at a site to the south of Buxton. We also have access to a number of slope soaring sites in the area for members to use for silent glider flight.


The club is affiliated to the British Model Flying Association (BMFA) and all our members are also members of this association. All members receive insurance through the BMFA and we use the BMFA scheme of training and grading achievement in the sport to ensure safe flying at all times. We are able to provide advice for newcomers to the sport in all aspects of building and equipping models, buying equipment, and when ready for the air, training with Club instructors who have access to transmitters with “Buddy Leads”. This enables newcomers to have early “hands on experience” of model flying.


Our first advice, if you are interested, is to visit our site at Dalehead. If you'd like to know more about model aircraft flying, club members will be delighted to explain how it all works. Alternatively, call in for a chat at our monthly meetings, upstairs at the Old Club House Hotel in Buxton (opposite the Opera House)— 8.00pm on the first Monday of each month.


Please feel free to contact us at info@highpeakmac.org.uk for more information.